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Balance and choice through embodied awareness

With Nigel Lack MA, MBACP (Accred)

Welcome, and thank you for visiting.

My name is Nigel and I am a counselling psychotherapist providing psychotherapy to adult individuals and groups in Muswell Hill, North London. I also offer online sessions to people throughout the UK.

If you are feeling stuck in certain behaviours or emotional responses such as depression or anxiety I can work with you to support growth and change.

I believe change is inevitable as are losses and failures, and without judgment or diagnosing I will work creatively with you to reframe the world to reveal opportunities, and break out of old habits that no longer serve or bring satisfaction.

I am an embodied explorer considering your individual context along with your subjective experience to tailor our investigations to your unique needs.

My Approach

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist working mainly with your present experience.

​Most clients seek counselling when feeling stuck in life - hitting a wall, or experiencing a wakeup call such as a bereavement, job loss, relationship change, health scare, addiction or other traumatic experience. Therapy can work to untangle confusion and I offer a supportive joint exploration to find meaning or what is really important to you. From a safe space, in the here and now, we can work with facing deep emotions and desires with a view to exploring how you prevent yourself from achieving your potential. Our explorations into how experience gets interpreted can reveal a more realistic outlook.

Aiming to understand how to be responsive rather than reactive, and achieve a deeper sense of satisfaction and completion, we will work to enhance the way you currently support yourself to increase your sense of personal growth.

Areas of Expertise

Embracing all of you and however you identify in terms of ability, culture, heritage or sexuality, I am certified to work effectively online and am able to offer you individual and group work in person.

I offer you a safe space, tailoring our therapy to your unique needs. I provide a wide perspective gleaned from my diverse, creative background, rooted on current mind and body thinking as well as my continuing development. Working with your experience I will utilise your own agency to creatively explore how you interpret and organise your life, giving us a ground to work from towards change and growth.

As a sex positive therapist, I continue to support growth working with all of your intersections including: culture, origins, and gender/sexual creativity, LGBTQA+ and Kink. I keep up to date with developments in neuroscience, psychotherapy and trauma informed practice, along with my ongoing interest in effectively working with change and developing emotional resilience.

People come to me for help a wide range of issues. Here are a few of the more common difficulties that can be supported through counselling:

Feelings of stress or anxiety

Panic attacks

Relationship problems

Grief, loss or bereavement

Problems with addiction

Trauma and post-traumatic stress



Problems with confidence or self-esteem

Anger management

Issues relating to sexuality

Difficulties at work or in retirement

Problems with family or school life

Online Counselling & Psychotherapy

The most accessible convenient mode of therapy provided via Zoom video conferencing software. Ensuring a safe space within your own familiar surroundings.

Group Work

As an experienced group psychotherapist I offer several specific interest groups throughout the year in Muswell Hill and North London giving you an opportunity to engage with others experiencing similar issues in a safe space.

In Person Therapy

When working physically in person I work from Muswell Hill in North London, providing a safe physical space for you to explore your moment-to-moment experience with me.

Get in touch

If you would like to make an enquiry, check my availability and book a session, please enter your details in the form below.

You can also call me on 07941 334924 if you would like to leave a message or speak to me first. All contact is strictly confidential.

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